Wuthering Heightsの英語まとめ


Wuthering Heights


This book was published in 1847 by an English female writer, Emily Bronte. It is widely known as one of the mastery novels in the genre of Gothic Romance.

Summary of the storyline

The story follows the life of Heathcliff, mysterious gypsy child who was adopted by Mr. Earnshow when he was a child. Heathcliff was raised as one of the children in the Wuthering Heights, the traditional household located in harsh and isolated Yorkshire moors in Northern England. Heathcliff spent his childhood there with a daughter of Mr. Earnshaw, Catherine. They fell in love. They stayed strong together even though their relationship was never socially accepted since Heathcliff was just a gypsy.

Things turned out to be a living hell for Heathcliff when Catherine decided to marry a guy from another wealthy household. She decided that it's best to marry someone whose social status was equal to hers.

After the news of Catherine's marriage, Heathcliff vanished without telling anyone. 3 years later, he came back completely changed to a wealthy educated man and ready to take revenge on 2 households who have destroyed his relationship with Catherine.

Elements of Gothic Romance

This book is recommendable for anyone who enjoys dark side of romantic story. As Heathcliff's revenge involves love crossing the boundary between life and death, the presence of ghost in several scenes, and powerful obsessive love between the characters express its strong elements of gothic romance and it definitely entertains the readers with thrilling events and the atmosphere that author created throughout the story.


Personally romance is my favorite genre, therefore i enjoyed reading this book. Since it was written around 200 years ago, her writing style was a little bit hard to get used to at first. But once I know how the story flows, it went pretty straight-forwarding! Im pretty sure this is also workable book for people who are still in process of learning English. Enjoy!