wifi jammer for schools


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When the scrambler is connected to a power source, the Charge light is red. After charging is complete, the indicator light will go out after a certain period of time! For example, for smart phones, the wifi jammer is generally charged at night to make it charge at night. The wifi jammer is mainly used in schools, stadiums, theaters, etc.

phones within a radius of 8 to 10 meters. Many high-power interference devices can also intercept 5G signals, such as 5G jammer.


When the battery is fully charged, you will get one and a half hours of autonomy. The jammer has a range of 15 meters. Even though I was crossing the floor indoors, I was able to confirm this reach without any worries. Many cell phone jammer cover a range of 5-20 meters, which can perfectly shield their location information.


The antennas are well made and there is no need to replace them, although as always, the best way to optimize the range of the device is to improve its antenna quality. mini gps jammer is designed for 3G mobile phones and GPS bands. It is very portable and has a compact palm size, making it easy to use on different occasions.