Sex Dolls Provide Physical Comfort to The Host


DOLL (ドール) 1997年 2月号 No.114

In addition to silicone sex doll, each room also features a large plasma screen TV to watch porn movies and dim candles to help guests relax. The ultimate goal is to let her do housework, such as opening the dishwasher. You can still eat fake food and still be hungry. But as time goes by, it will still end in a bad way. "

“Although we believe that the sex doll we offer have many applications, we are sometimes shocked by the impact of some customers' lives. How far are we from real sex robots? How long will it be possible to download human consciousness to machines such as computers and robots? in?

The use of thermoplastic elastomers makes sex dolls more affordable while still maintaining a true skin feel. Robotic psychologists once said: "We must consider whether robots have their own sexual desires and the factors that stimulate these desires.

In any case, when you add sex novelty, low setting and management costs to sex dolls, and never have to worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), we may see more sex dolls open in the future. If you have always wanted to try a real TPE sex doll, then it might be time to travel to Barcelona. Spain sex dolls agency recently opened a brothel in the city, offers four different models to choose from pornography.


Jumping to the 20th century, we will find some records about sex-sold dolls. In the book "Sexual Life in Our Time" in "The Relationship of Modern Civilization," he wrote an artificial lover who built "porn technology" in 1908. Their men and women are equipped with pneumatic tubes and rubber, plastic genitals.