Sex Dolls Are Getting More and More Attention


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Sex doll robots are becoming more and more important
Recently, a topic that has received more and more attention is the use of sex doll. The term "sex doll" is used to cover a range of objects, from life-saving latex dolls with limited functionality to new and more interactive 'sex robots. While we believe that the products we offer have many applications, we are sometimes shocked by the impact of some customers' lives.

For people with hobby interests, the possibility to use a child-like mini 100cm doll has always been the most exciting topic of debate. The Sexual Violence Prevention Charity was pointed out by some members of the British tabloids to advocate the use of this doll as a "prescription" for pedophilia.

This may sound like a black mirror, but when it comes to artificial intelligence that permeates into our lives, creations like sex dolls are the tip of the iceberg. The silicone sex doll is one of the surreal dolls that will be released into the growing lifelike sex doll market.


The designer of the love machine said that this passionate robot is so erotic that the men have developed real feelings for her. The manufacturer claims that she can “seize” because her face, hands, breasts and “female genitals below” are equipped with sensors and therefore require a more subtle approach than her ancestors.