Pick the Right Lingerie for Your Sex Doll


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Real women have certain fashions that should essentially belong to their wardrobe, such as white T-shirts and a pair of ballet shoes. And there are necessities like baby-faced love doll lingerie. Good lingerie often makes and breaks women's clothes, so it needs to be properly paired with the right combination of clothes. This is why a real woman should have a list of various lingerie in her wardrobe.


But when it comes to women love dolls, it does not require her to own so many types of lingerie. Unlike humans, she does not go to work or go shopping. She doesn't go to the park, doesn't mix with the crowd, and she doesn't socialize. She goes out only when taken by the owner in his car, or in some cases a wheelchair. So, for her she is just around the house and in the bedroom, so some basic lingerie is probably enough to have.