Sex Dolls Can Be Customized


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Sex doll robots will come, fit and start, custom run and highly specialized forms. They will be very expensive and they will have to fight against regulation and find new forms of income. However, our cutting-edge ideas for a great sexual robot revolution are not entirely correct.

For beginners, the arguments for supporting and opposing these robots are complex. For example, some worried doll robots may harm sex workers who have been marginalized, while others may see the emergence of TPE doll as a way to protect the safety of these worker. Most of the reasons for the opposition robotic movement are based on the fact that sex work is essentially a bad thing. This view has been repeatedly challenged by sex workers themselves and organizations such as Amnesty International.

Since women and girls suffer from severe sexual violence, the addition of dolls normalizes a culture in which the female body is considered a male property. Sexual dolls have become a new way, the porn industry has mastered a broader culture, and the idea of ​​watching pornography and masturbation dolls and calling them "sex" is harmless and even beneficial to society, especially for men. . The makers of these dolls are located in the field of pornography. The Mini 100cm doll are now promoted on the Adult Expo Tour, accompanied by pornography, virtual reality and slavery-management - masochistic (BDSM) torture tools.


According to reports, its manufacturers offer 18 different personality traits - including intellectuals, shyness, extroversion, jealousy, stimulating, annoying, kind and sexual. Depending on your taste, you can change them to make them stand out. "The idea of ​​a robot is to help someone find a level of companionship that they may not be able to achieve.